Video: Neville accuses ex-Liverpool stars Carra and Souness of gloating like little children

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After Liverpool had demolished Manchester United 7-0 at Anfield on Sunday, things got a little bit heated in the Sky Sports studio between Messrs. Graeme Souness, Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville.

Understandably, the ex-Liverpool pair were cock-a-hoop at their side’s victory, whilst the ex-United stalwarts were smarting after a record-breaking Premier League defeat.

You could sense the way in which the discussion was heading, with Gary Neville getting more and more uptight as it went on.

So much so that he even resorted to claiming that Carragher and Souness were gloating like little children.

Pictures from Sky Sports

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  1. Look if the result had been the other way round Keane and Neville would have been gloating like mad and rubbing it in. From this clip Souness and Carragher were relatively demure. It is very Tory in a way move on forget it, it was a hiccup but by the way we were the better team first half. Really ?

    1. If the shoe was on the other foot Neville & Roy Keane they would be the one rubbing the salt in ! But liverpool we’re by far the better team played a great game with a well Deserved Result 7- Nil to Manchester United & their is no Gloating & they can now go home & lick their wounds

  2. Neville and Keane were full of Liverpool were going to be beaten good style before the game, in fact a rout was mentioned. They pressed home utds so called superiority in all departments. My Question to them is,,,, WHAT SUPERIORITY WOULD THAT BE. utd were called the best team in the world at the moment, NOT BY ANYONE WHO KNOWS FOOTBALL. utd think and Neville think they are good enough to win the League, really, not for a few years yet. Arsenal and City are streets ahead not to mention my team, we could only manage a 7–0. Win. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN 10.

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