“Easiest option” – Stan Collymore predicts change of manager at Spurs

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Despite being a serial winner, Antonio Conte’s time at Tottenham Hotspur has yet to really excite fans.

The hard-hitting Italian, who has won silverware in England during his time at Chelsea and in Italy with Inter Milan, took charge of the Lilywhites following Nuno Espirito Santo’s departure just over 12 months ago.

However, even though he is widely regarded as one of Europe’s most demanding managers, Conte has struggled to find a winning formula at Spurs. Having conceded first in their last 10 games, the Londoners are slipping up at pretty much every hurdle.

Although tipped earlier in the season as potential dark horses for the Premier League title, Spurs, after losing 2-0 against Aston Villa on Sunday, now sit outside of the top four.

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Consequently, following what has been a poor run of form, the pressure is beginning to mount on Conte and former attacker Stan Collymore believes it is just a matter of time before the 53-year-old is given his marching orders.

Interestingly, should Conte part ways with Spurs, Collymore expects a familiar face to return.

“The worst thing that happens to a football club is when the owners get dugout and we’re seeing that happen with Spurs now,” the ex-Villa star said in an exclusive interview.

“The owners have so far been very clever, they’ve thrown a new manager in every couple of seasons.

“I think a lot of Spurs fans feel Pochettino played the game the right way, he promoted youth etc. so I think the easiest option for Daniel Levy will be to bring Pochettino and his backroom staff back.

“Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho are huge names but whether they like it or not, Spurs fans believe they should be playing football a certain way and they haven’t done that under either of them.

“Having said that, I don’t think Spurs will get rid of Conte this season, I think they’ll wait to see if they do make the top four first, but if they do miss out on the Champions League, I think it’d be too easy for the owners to try and give the fans Pochettino back.”

Spurs fans – would you prefer to stick with Conte, or would you like to see Pochettino return? – Let us know in the comments.

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  1. yes bring back Poch, at least the games were worth watching, this defensive on the break game is not our way, also why does Spence not even get a chance ? when that position has been crap all season, is it because Conte didn’t choose him?? is he that far up himself ???
    Real mistake was not backing Poch first time round…

  2. 100% bring back Poch
    They should have backed him not sacked him, he plays football the right way but needed a few more quality players

  3. cant see any hint of playing style so far under this manager,he talks of fans being unreal in their expectations with the team this season but surely they have every right to believe the team should be putting in better performances then they have seen so far this season and should be beating teams such as Aston Villa. Time to bring back Poch and back him in the TM like they should have done in the first place.

  4. Bring back poch ASAP….we never won anything but we was playing a lovely attacking football ..coys

  5. Bring back Poch he really is Spurs man and he was a locker loved person. He always reached out to us the fans and we responded .

    1. Well, you thought wrong, Victor.

      Mourinho left Spurs in April 2021, Espirito Santo joined in June 2021 and left in November 2021. Conte was then hired a few days later.

      We await your apology.

  6. Conte is a flat pack manager! Cannot build teams just assembles them. HE BUYS TROPHIES! Watching the under 21’s and 18’s he is getting the coaches to develop the same turgid rubbish the first team are producing! he is Mourino Mk 2. and the negative approach will never win trophies as the players are too scared to try the unexpected. Youth has the element of surprise on their side and they have a talent that is not expected by the opposition.

  7. I was devastated when Levy sacked poch,he did not deserve the sack it was a disgrace by Levy.What has Levy done since brought 3 defensive system out dated managers in pass their sell by date Mourino,Nunes,and Conte Not at all in Tottenhams DNA Levy needs to apologise to Pochettino and the fans and bring him back in a flash.

  8. I have supported Spurs since 1961 the trouble with our fans they want everything to happen in 5minutes no manger since the great Bill Nicholson has done that much we got one of the best mangers in the world at the moment but he needs time levy needs to let him bring in some class players but he won’t spend the money levy likes a yes man so he don’t need to spend all the mangers we had before will do what levy wants he likes it that way the old saying you should never go back if we do we will go back to all those years winning nothing but levy won’t care has long he got the say wet rid of Antonio Conte and the club will be going backwards to all the great Spurs fans be careful what you wish for Come On You Spurs

  9. So Poch is the right guy? Remember his last 4 buys? Ndombele, LoCelso, Jack Clarke, Sessegnon? How did they do? This does not show me that he was able to distinguish the good players from the bad players.
    To me, give Conte the rest of the season, back him in January, do not fool around with this weird unrealistic youth model, which from Levy&co’s side is just a way to be able to not spending money.
    And have an evaluation at the end of the season. And if the club decides to part ways with Conte, I would not suggest re-hiring Pochettino. He was always deep down into Levy’s pocket, the transfer policy will be run 100% by DL, which again will mean no or very little money for the transfer market.
    Just do not go there please.

    1. Thank God for at least one voice of common sense – Pochettino left because he’d failed to win anything with the best group of players we’d had for decades, and had clearly lost the dressing room – we were 14th in the table when he finally got the push, and were playing every bit as badly as under any of his three successors – no away win in the PL for almost a year FFS!
      Given how happy the rest of the posters seem to be at the prospect of Pochettino’s return, I’ve no doubt Levy will have him back like a shot, but how’s he going to get performances out of the likes of Gil and Sessegnon when he couldn’t win anything with peak Kane, Eriksen, Vertonghen, Walker and the rest is beyond me.
      Totally disagree about Conte though – he’d need a billion pound budget to turn Spurs round, and he got the gig purely to appease the fans, not because he was ever the right fit for Spurs – he’ll be off as soon as he’s found something better, and good riddance!

  10. Spurs fan should remember that Poch got us to the Champions league final without being allowed to buy players like Conte has. Conte is ruining spurs and I have been supporting them for 66 years so I do have some ideas about the type of management that suits Spurs playing style. Lets have Poch back now

  11. Sorry boys but for totally different reasons neither Conte or Pochetchino are the right manager for this prestigious football club who I’ve supported for over 60yrs.

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