Premier League duo are in a couple and open about it with teammates, could go public in Channel 4 documentary

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Two Premier League players are in a couple and have come out as gay to their teammates, but not yet publicly.

Still, reports suggest the Premier League footballers in question could come out in a documentary currently in production with Channel 4.

This follows Gary Lineker recently claiming he was aware of two Premier League players who were thinking of coming out as gay soon.

A source said: “They did not see the need to hide from their teammates — and why should they?

“No one was remotely bothered about it and they had the backing of the manager and the hierarchy at the club.

“But they decided not to come out publicly — although neither are ashamed and it could happen down the line.

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“During the the season they wanted to concentrate on their football.

“While making a statement would positive, it could take their attention away from their performances on the pitch.

“Their teammates have also been told not to say anything publicly to protect their privacy.”


  1. I think it’s fabulous news good luck to them both whoever they are and I hope they get the proper support and privacy as well ❤️🏳️‍🌈

    1. Why do they need support? And why come out? Its none of our business. Imagine a footballer coming out as a polygamist. It’s not news

  2. When they changed the color of the captains’ arm bands in EPL we knew captains who adapted easily to that change would be caught offside.

    1. Why do gay people need to come out. I’ve never heard of any heterosexual person ever having to come out.
      If you want to be that way and have that life choice crack on, don’t tell everyone your gay, people don’t really need to know.

      1. Unfortunately we don’t live in a world were it’s as black and white as that. Everyone is considered heterosexual until they either come out or it’s blatantly obvious.

        Also it’s not a ‘life choice’. Trust me if it was I can’t imagine many would choice it. Why make your life more difficult than it has to be.

        As for telling everyone, obviously you’re going to tell people you’re close to because again unfortunately we still live in a world were not everyone is ok with every sexuality.

        So whoever these players are their voice may have a positive impact on someone in the LGBT+ community. Hearing about it has no negative impact on your life…well maybe 30 seconds of you thinking I don’t care bore off but it may have a lasting positive effect on others. Example a young teenage kid who knows they’re gay but has a homophonic dad. Seeing and hearing about people like them might make them realise that it’s ok to not be heterosexual. That they can be happy and not be ashamed of who they are. Seeing people like me when I was younger stopped me from hating myself. So if that’s what this media story can achieve then it’s done it job.

      2. That just goes to show what a bigoted and narrow minded person you are – being gay isn’t a “LIFE CHOICE” it’s nature, and the fact the ‘football arena’ is full of people like you is the reason gay footballers stay hidden.

      3. Well said that man they make themselves targets by getting all the publicity. Go on about your own business and nobody would probably give a damn.

  3. Why do gay people need to come out. I’ve never heard of any heterosexual person ever having to come out.
    If you want to be that way and have that life choice crack on, don’t tell everyone your gay, people don’t really need to know.

    1. Heterosexuals tell everyone they’re straight all the time – when they announce an engagement, when they share their family holidays pics on social media, when they tell colleagues what they got up to with their wife at the weekend or what their Christmas plans are with their boyfriend. Do you complain every time a footballer does a splashy wedding shoot in OK magazine?

      Gay people need to come out because it’s still illegal in places like Qatar and it’s still dangerous to be visible in some places in the UK. Coming out helps to normalise it.

    2. Firstly, being gay is not a choice, just like being straight isn’t a choice.

      Secondly, how on earth would a straight footballer have to come out? its assumed that everyone is straight until they come out so as a heterosexual you have the privilege that you don’t have to come out. Lucky for you.

    3. You don’t understand research and education ignorance is BLISS .It’s a burden of relief.
      I don’t suppose you know that Justin “Fash” from Forest was First black player to come out the Pressure of living in Denial is suicidal Dysforia within the transgender community is more common than RTA.
      TAKE a look at yourself in the MIRROR before being JUDGEMENTAL

  4. so what they’re’s not a crime.gays get married now you know oh and there’s more than just 2. 💙💙💙💙💙🌈🌈🌈

  5. It’s private and so it should be, if they want to speak out fine 🤔 if not also fine, just get on with your careers and your life’s 😀😀👌👌⚽️⚽️⚽️

    1. From the ‘push it in peoples faces’ comment I’m guessing you’re heterosexual? It’s not about needing approval, it’s about building awareness and acceptance. As there’s still a massive percentage of people that have an issue with homosexuality which can be very damaging to others.

      Like I’ve said in a previous comment, two known faces coming out might make any gay scared teenagers realise it’s not an issue if they’re gay. I really don’t get how this is hard to understand.

  6. Everyone is entitled to a private life, they shouldn’t have to justify themselves, good luck to them.

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