Francesco Totti hides wife’s designer bags after she ‘ran off with his rolex watches’

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Francesco Totti is set to go to court with wife Ilary Blasi over allegations that she stole his Rolex watches, prompting him to hide her handbags.

According to Corriere della Sera, the Roma legend has accused his wife, with whom he has now separated, of stealing his Rolex watches. Totti revealed that he hid her designer bags as a response, in hopes of making a “trade” for his watches.

The Times has also claimed that the Roma legend owns two pairs of Blasi’s shoes, each worth up to €4,000.

He told Corriere della Sera: “What was I supposed to do? I hid the bags, hoping for an exchange.”

“All she has to do is return the watches, and this is over,” a source close to Totti told Italian media (via The Sun).

Totti and Blasi were together for 20 years and enjoyed 17 years of marriage after tying the knot in 2005 . But their relationship is said to have started getting affected when the wife wasn’t there when Totti “needed her most”.

Totti admitted that he was struggling mentally after retiring from football in 2017. His father then died of COVID in 2020 which did not help either. Totti further revealed that he discovered his wife was cheating on him when he checked her phone while grieving his father’s death.

Ilary poses in front of a Rolex shop and winks to mock Totti

Totti and Blasi’s possessions dispute will now be resolved in court. The first hearing is set for October 14, and in preparation for the trial, Blasi posted a video on her Instagram page of herself standing in front of a Rolex store, winking at the camera.




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